WHMCS Client Mobile Template

Client Mobile Template lifetime license is only $19.95

LIVE DEMO: Visit our Client Area using a mobile device.

WHMCS Mobile Template is a responsive design for WHMCS client page.
Your WHMCS client page will be displayed with corresponding layout
when users accesss by mobile/portable device.



  • Full functionality as Desktop version
  • Responsive design
  • Followed by Twitter Bootstrap front-end framework
  • Non-encoded template files
  • Lifetime upgrade
  • NOTE: for custom ClientArea template, please purchase addon installation with us, we’ll configure it for you


  • ionCube Loader
  • PHP5 or later
  • WHMCS V5 or higher


  • Unpack the module and place in into WHMCS addons directory. The directory should look like this:
  • modules/addons/br_mobiletemplate/
  • templates/bzmobile5x
  • templates/orderforms/bzmobile
  • Copy files:
  • br_mobiletemplate to folder modules/addons/
  • hook/br_mobiletemplate_hook.php to folder includes/hooks/
  • templates/bzmobile5x to folder templates/
  • templates/orderforms/bzmobile to folder templates/orderforms/
  • Activate the addon in Setup >> Addon Modules and enter a license key
  • Visit Addons >> Client Mobile Template and update settings

Mobile Template

Only $19.95

  • Lifetime License *$19.95*
  • Mobile template for WHMCS

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Order Assistant

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  • Order Management features

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Ticket Timer

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DNS Manager

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Ticket Filter

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Dropbox Backup


  • Create WHMCS backup and upload to Dropbox
  • PRO version is available here