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Domain Name Prices

  • .com $10.75 / year
  • .net $10.75 / year
  • .org $10.75 / year
  • .info $10.75 / year
  • .biz $10.75 / year
  • .eu $10.75 / year
  • .me $29.00 / year
  • .us $09.50 / year
  • .asia $17.00 / year
  • .name $10.75 / year
  • .in $12.50 / year
  • .pro $17.50 / year
  • .tel $17.50 / year
  • .tv $32.50 / year
  • .cc $24.00 / year
  • .ws $12.00 / year
  • .bz $25.00 / year

Domain Names Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a domain name and why should you register one?

    A domain name in its simplest form is just an Internet Website address. Just as your house or apartment has its own unique identifying address for the post office, so does each and every Website in existence.

  • Are there restrictions over the structure of a domain name?

    Yes – most domain names have rules on how they are constructed:

    ALL – Domain names must consist only of letters (a-z) and numbers (0-9) – they may also contain the hyphen (-) symbol but may NOT contain special characters like the “and” symbol (&) or exclamation mark (!).

    ALL – Domain names may not contain spaces or start or end with a hyphen (-).

    ALL – Domain names cannot be more than 63 characters (excluding the .com, domain extension.

    ALL – All domains are lower case.

  • How long does it take to register a domain name?

    These days, domain name registration is instant. The moment you submit your payment, your domain name registration request is submitted to the registries. You should receive a “domain complete” email providing your Domain Control Panel details in less than 5 minutes from payment.

  • Can I cancel a domain name?

    Note that cancelling hosting for it will not cancel the domain’s registration. That is, the domain will still be owned by you until the end of the term you registered it for. There is no way to give up registration of a domain other than by transferring the ownership to someone else.

  • How do I change the details or transfer a domain name?

    Changing details or transfer a domain name to someone else is vary for different types of domain name. Most of international domain names, it is FREE to update details or transfer. However, we would suggest you to contact us directly when you want to change or transfer your domain names registered with us.