SolusVM Client Module

SolusVM Client Module one-time is only $94.00 USD

SolusVM Client Module for WHMCS is a module that integrates with WHMCS to
manage VPS using SolusVM Client Account instead of Master Account.



  • Reboot virtual server
  • Boot virtual server
  • Shutdown virtual server
  • Display virtual server status
  • Display virtual server information


  • PHP 5.1 or later
  • ionCube Loader
  • WHMCS V5 or later


  • Uncompress the file and copy folder “solusvmclient” into <WHMCS>/modules/servers/
  • Enter your license key into license.php
  • Configure your VPS products and benifit

Mobile Template

Only $19.95

  • Lifetime License *$19.95*
  • Mobile template for WHMCS

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Order Assistant

Only $1.66/month

  • Rented License *$1.66/mon*
  • Order Management features

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Ticket Timer

Only $1.66/month

  • Rented License *$1.66/mon*
  • Advanced Timer features

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DNS Manager

Only $1.66/month

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  • Lifetime License *$79.95*

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Ticket Filter

Only $1.66/month

  • Rented License *$1.66/mon*
  • Ticket Filtering features

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Dropbox Backup


  • Create WHMCS backup and upload to Dropbox
  • PRO version is available here